When the Beyhive Attacks: Karrueche + 10 Other Celebs Beyonce’s Fans Attacked


Karrueche is two for two. Last week she allowed an #AskKarrueche hashtag to go viral now she publicly dissed Blue Ivy on national TV, both times 106 and Park was the culprit behind the shaming.

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Its obvious someone is working against Chris Brown’s on-again, off-again main squeeze.

Continuing her co-hosting for BET’s countdown show, she made fun of Beyoncé and Jay Z’s mini royalty during their VMAs skit, “Top Six Things Blue Ivy Thought At The VMAs.” Her top six things were irrelevant until she came for Jay’s baby twin’s coif.

 “I really did wake up like this, because my parents never comb my hair,” [giggled] “Sorry Blue! I love you.”

A comment that didn’t sit well with the millions of viewers that found Blue’s TV time an overload of adorableness and also the Beyhive attacks anyone with differing opinions about their queen and her family.

Quickly taking to Twitter, Karrueche was once again the target of ridicule. Angry tweets and hilarious memes were generated for the 26-year-old model. Quickly as she could she retracted her statements claiming she was instructed to do that [teleprompter].

“Now y’all know I LOVE me some Beyoncé and Blue Ivy! I didn’t write this script y’all lol,”


She also tried to throw out her Beyhive membership, “I’m definitely team #Beyhive,” but to no dismay.


However she’s not the first—and won’t be the last celebrity the Beyhive attacks. Like Rihanna’s Navy and Nicki’s Barbz, the fans of these megastars go hard for their chosen one. Flip the page to check out celebs who’ve been on the receiving end of Bey’s fan’s slander.


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  1. fuck the beyhive #fuckthebeyhive karrueche are you that high girl the beyhive just disrecpected you all right your being a idiot ok by #brushblueivyhair beyhive and jayz kiss my ASS!!!!!!!

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