We Can’t Make This Up: Sacramento Cop Repeatedly Punches Man For Jaywalking [VIDEO]

We Can't Make This Up: Sacramento Cop Repeatedly Punches Man For Jaywalking [VIDEO]A Facebook video shows a Sacramento cop repeatedly punches a man for jaywalking.

According to the police officer, on Monday (Apr 10) their unidentified cop tried to stop a man who was unlawfully crossing the intersection of Cypress Street and Grand Avenue in north Sacramento. The black pedestrian was identified as Nandi Cain Jr.

Allegedly the officer got out of his patrol vehicle and told Cain many times to stop jaywalking. Which the officer said Cain ignored. The dept. alleges the two got into an argument and Cain removed his jacket in order to fight the officer.

But according to the victim, he only removed his jacket to show the officer that he wasn’t armed. And the video, which was recorded by a neighbor Naomi Montaie, corroborates with Cain’s version of the situation.

In the video, Cain drops his jacket and stands there with his arms down. That’s when the officer charges at him and throws him on the ground. Then the Sacramento cop repeatedly punches him in the face.

The officer continues attacking the man until backup arrives. Then the man, who has never been arrested before, gets arrested for resisting arrest.

The incident was recorded by the bystander and from the cop’s vehicle camera. Upon seeing the video, the department dropped the charges against the man. They felt the officer’s actions were “unacceptable conduct.”

The still-unidentified officer is on unpaid administrative leave as the department conducts a criminal investigation into the officer.


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