Twitter Responds to Dangerous ‘Fire Challenge’ Game

Fire ChallengeHave you heard of the new trendy game, Fire Challenge? It’s a game where teens douse themselves in a flammable substance light it fire. After they tread death’s door, they post it to their social site to see how many likes or views they garner.

Crazy, dangerous, and dumb, but this pastime has become extremely popular despite the negative effects and one fatality—thus far.

Well Twitter caught wind of the Fire Challenge trend and they aren’t agreeing with any of it—thank god. While most issues divide most social platforms, this one has a unanimous decision to be immediately stopped. The original site that this trend grew on was Facebook, but since then, they’ve deleted any #FireChallenge they’ve found.

Humorous but angry tweets have been trending about this diversion that’s burned many teens around the United Stated. As we wonder what happened to simple fun like flag football and red rover, check out the #FireChallenge responses via Twitter.


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