Tweet Discusses ‘Simply Tweet’ EP and Relationship With Missy Elliott

celebedition-simply-tweet-630-600x400Nowadays, her name may mean more to social media-whoring teens but southern hummingbird Tweet continuously creates music that catapults music lovers to the days when R&B and pop weren’t kissing cousins. Her soulful sounds and calm presence embody one thing: nostalgia.

Luckily for fans, she’s sticking her solid R&B roots as she re-emerges into the spotlight since 2005′s LP It’s Me Again. The “Oops (Oh My) vocalist is currently prepping her third studio project Simply Tweet and dropping off a five-track mixtape for good measure.

Celeb Edition recently caught up with the cocoa complected beauty about her musical evolution, relationship with Missy Elliott and which artist she feels can follow in her musical footsteps. — Niki McGloster, additional reporting by Sharifa Daniels

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