Tika Sumpter Joins The Old Man and The Gun Cast Opposite Danny Glover

Tika-Sumpter-joins The-Old-Man-And-The-Gun cast

Tika Sumpter is cast in The Old Man And The Gun. 

She will star opposite Casey Affleck, Danny Glover, Sissy Spacek and Robert Redford.

The film is based on David Gunn’s 2003 New Yorker article by the same name. It follows Forrest Tucker (Redford), a man who has committed crimes since he was in his teens. He is a notorious bank robber with 18 successful prison breaks to his name, including an escape from San Quentin at age 70. Casey Affleck will play a detective chasing Tucker who also becomes captivated his life. Affleck’s character gets infatuated Tucker’s commitment to his craft and the woman (Spacek who love him. Sumpter’s role isn’t fully defined besides knowing she will play Affleck’s wife.

The Old Man and the Gun will be directed by David Lowery and produced by Redford.

Until the movie debuts, you can catch the new mom co-starring in The Haves And The Haves Nots. 


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