T.I. on Mayweather, Azealia Banks, and Marriage

TI Breakfast club

T.I. Defends his actions against Mayweather and Azealia Banks.

T.I. doesn’t play when it comes to his family. Despite there being trouble in paradise which led to a scuffle between Money Mayweather and the southern rapper—”no disrespect will be tolerated, no time, by nobody, no exceptions,”—he doesn’t play with his leading lady.

He also reconfirmed yesterday when he held nothing back towards Azealia Banks on social media  (“It ain’t gonna go the way they want it to go so I believe she better back down off of that plane cause it’s sharks out there”).

Now today’s a new day and the Kang put it all behind him, unfortunately the rest of America didn’t. DJ Envy, Charlamagne, and Angela Yee had their quick fire questions going for the rapper.

Unwillingly to talk about Floyd’s beef he did dish on Banks:

I mean, now listen man, I think one thing that I have always maintained is a no tolerance policy when it comes to me and my family. So I mean I’m not finna tongue wrestle with nobody I already told you, me and whoever if we got an issue I’m gonna address that issue, you know what I’m saying. It ain’t gonna go the way they want it to go so I believe she better back down off of that plank cause it’s sharks out there. —

I ain’t speaking on you, don’t speak on me. Take your broke ass comments somewhere else go put that shit with about $5K to put down on a Prius or something you know what I mean.

Opening up the floor to lay all his issues out, they also questioned his reality show and the correlation with his publicly displayed marital issues.

I think for both of us we both have a strong sense of self, we both know who we are. See I think for most people they’re looking to find themselves as celebrities. I think we both knew who we were from the get go and also it’s more so about the kids than it is about just our relationship it’s not just focused on the ins and outs of our relationship although that’s what most people would love to sensationalize because that’s what puts them in the conversations and on the kids of people that they would not normally be on the minds of.

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