Find Out What Streaming Service Martin , The 90s Sitcom Will Be Headed to in April

martin-coverAfter all these years and all these different platforms emerging. One has finally snatched the classic sitcom, Martin.

April Fools.

How did we fool you. For whatever reason there is not one streaming service that has every episode of the 90s classic sitcom on it. However which ever streaming service does gain access to the catalog, I will subscribe immediately (If I’m not already).

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Unfortunately due to it not being readily available on streaming platforms, kids today will never know how great that TV series was.

It is probably the funniest sitcom of the 90s. It was set in Detroit, Michigan and centered on Martin Payne (Martin Lawrence) who was a radio personality on the fictional radion station WZUP. Seasons later he would become a TV host. It also starred Tisha Campbell as Gina Waters, his girlfriend who later turned into his wife (season 3).  As well as Martin’s childhood friends Cole (Cole Payne) and Tommy ( and Gina’s best friend/co-worker Pam (Tichina Arnold). Pam and Martin had a love/hate relationship which is probably the funniest banter-driven relationship on TV history.


It lasted 5 seasons (from August 27, 1992, to May 1, 1997) on Fox. And while it was on air, it was the network’s highest-rated shows.

If you read this long, you know it’s an April Fools joke, sorry for getting your hopes up.


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