Stars Who Should Be Cast in Aaliyah Biopic

Alexandra Shipp and Aaliyah

The Lifetime Aaliyah biopic (Aaliyah: The R&B Princess) is happening no matter what the family nor fans say. After Zendaya dropped out of the movie, the network quickly replaced her with Nickelodeon star, Alexandra Shipp.

However outside of the lead role scandal, the TV network has yet to announce who will play the roles of the significant people in her life. As you know Aaliyah was loved by many and had genuine industry friends that still mourn her loss.

Maybe the network’s trying to avoid the opinions of the stars that are still living or they just don’t know. Either way we’re casting the film for the network to help expedite the casting process. Flip the page to see what stars we feel would be a good fit in the biopic (via VIBE Vixen).

Amber Riley and Missy Elliott

Amber Riley as Missy Elliott

Amber Riley is a phenomenal actress and she has been since she her musical beginnings on Glee. She already possesses the writing abilities and if you’ve seen her versatility on the Fox show, you know she’s inapt to rap if need be. Plus she has the youthful advantage to transform into a ’90s Missy Elliott.

Photo Credit: Getty (Left) Youtube (Right) 

Rob Riley and R Kelly

Rob Riley as R. Kelly

He’s shown us his acting chops in Hit The Floor and made us instant fans. I think its time we see how he does in a biopic stand point and play the role of R. Kelly. He resembles the star in more ways than one.

Photo Credit: Getty


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