Rosie Perez Blames The Whitney Biopic For Bobbi Kristina’s Near Drowning

Rosie Perez Blames The Whitney Biopic For Bobbi Kristina's Near Drowning

Rosie Perez has returned to The View!

On her first episode back, this past Tuesday (Feb 3), she managed to ruffle many feathers with her statements about Bobbi Kristina. During the show’s “Hot Topics” segment, the show’s co-host were discussing Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s daughter’s current health crisis. There Rosie Perez placed blame on the Whitney biopic for Bobbi’s current state.

“Just thought about the movie that came out, and this is no disrespect to Angela Bassett because I love [her], but this unauthorized bio of her mom must have killed her.”

Rosie then quickly restated her sentiments with better choice words.

“That was terrible phrasing. It must have hurt her deeply to watch that. We forget these people are human beings. We put them in the tabloids, and we forget they’re human beings.”

Despite the poor terms “must have killed her,” the actress makes a valid point. Being that the 21-year-old was against the making of this biopic, she was forced to relive losing her mother everywhere she went, but not on her terms.

Most recently, Bobbi Kristina had a near similar fate nearly three years to the day of her mother’s death.

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