Rosario Dawson Will Play Women’s Rights Activist in ‘A Little Piece of Light’

Rosario Dawson Will Play Women's Rights Activist in 'A Little Piece of Light'Rosario Dawson will play women’s rights activist for her next film.

The ‘Luke Cageactress will transform into activist Donna Hylton in ‘A Little Piece of Light,’ a filmed based on Hylton’s biography of the same name.

Hylton is a known women’s rights activist, criminal justice reform advocate and accomplished public speaker but her life didn’t start off like that. At 7, her mother sold her to an American couple and she moved from Jamaica to the US where her new father sexually abused her, ruining her childhood. Fast forward to when Hylton was 19 and a track star, she was arrested for her participation in the kidnapping and murder of a Rikers Island real estate agent. She was sentenced to 25 years to life where she would spend most of it in solitary confinement.

Once she got out in 2012, she turned her life around and began fighting for the rights of women alongside her mother figure and women’s rights activist, author Eve Ensler.

While Rosario Dawson will play the women’s rights activist, the actress and activist are currently looking for a female screenwriter to adapt the book as well as a female director.


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