Unarmed Man Rodney Hess is Killed by the Police While Streaming on Facebook Live

rodney-hessCrockett County Sheriff’s killed unarmed man Rodney Hess, while he was broadcasting on Facebook Live.

The situation occurred on March 16 when the 36 year old parked his truck sideways, blocking traffic, on a highway ramp in Alamo, Tennessee. Deputies from the Crockett County Sheriff’s Department responded to the scene. According to the officers, Hess was erratic and wouldn’t listen to their commands. They also allege the New Orleans native, tried to strike officers twice with his car.

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In the Live stream Rodney Hess tells the officers that he wanted to speak with their “commanding officer.” The officers appear to be close enough to Hess to respond in a less fatal way. But that’s not what happened.

At least one of the Officers responded to Hess’ behavior by shooting him. The officer shot through the windshield, striking Hess. He died from his injuries.

Hess suffered from biopolar disorder, his fiancee, Johnisha Provost, told the Commercial Appeal newspaper.

“He was not on a suicide mission [or] trying to harm anybody. He was asking them for help and they shot him down.”

While the FB Live video streamed the entire situation, it didn’t capture the officer who killed him. His family made their own Facebook video asking anyone who witnessed the situation to come forward.

“We’re just praying that justice will be served,” Hess’ stepfather Lee Smith said.

“If there’s anything that’s covered up, that it will be brought to light; that it wouldn’t be just another black man shot by police officers. All we’re asking for is justice.”

Watch the video of the incident below.

From what we gathered, the incident didn’t call for the cops to open fire on him. Hess was wrong but the police should’ve deescalated the situation. Instead Rodney Hess is another unarmed man killed by the police.

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