18 Rappers Who Name Dropped Richard Pryor in Lyrics

18 Rappers Who Name Dropped Richard Pryor in LyricsHappy Birthday Richard Pryor!

Thanks to his honest approach to comedy, Richard Pryor became a comedian legend. The actor’s hard work and talent inspired many after him not only in the field of comedy or acting but music. Before and after his passing, his on-stage story-telling served as the perfect lyrical material for some of your favorite rappers.

As we celebrate what would’ve been his 76th birthday, check out all the rappers who name dropped Richard Pryor in lyrics.

Kanye West, Pusha T “New God Flow”

In Jesus’ name, let the choir say / “I’m on fire, ay,” that’s what Richard Pryor say / And we’ll annihilate anybody that violate / Ask any dope boy you know, they admire ‘Ye

Kendrick Lamar “King Kunta”

When you got the yams (What’s the yams?) / The yam brought it out of Richard Pryor / Manipulated Bill Clinton with desires


Jay-Z “Heart of the City (Ain’t No Love)”

Then Richard Pryor go and burn up, and Ike and Tina Turner break up

Common “Watermelon”

Pryor to Richard I was that crazy nigga

Keyshia Cole, J. Cole, Boosie Badazz “Black Heaven”

“Know she smiling looking at the blacks in the front seat / Bernie Mack joking right now, him and Richard Pryor”

Snoop Dogg, Lil Jon “2 Minute Warning”

Getting Rich-ard like Pryor / Need to put the gun away / Cause I got priors

Fabolous, Red Café “I’m the Man”

Got you lost in the smoke I Micheal Connelly you niggas / I watch you verse from the fire I Richard Pryor you niggas

Missy Elliott “125th Street”

And I set you on fire, like my nigga Richard Pryor

Gucci Mane “Hi-Five”

But when you sign yourself like I did they can’t fire ya / You want your club so loud then put me on the flier (Its gucci) / I’m on fire like Richard

Cee Lo “Robin Williams”

John Belushi knew you and me better than we knew ourselves / And we all listen to Richard Pryor (Ya) / They don’t make Philip Seymour Hoffman often, / Now he’s one of the things we lost in the fire (Lord, yes)

Heavy D & the Boyz “Don’t You Know”

But if worse comes to worse, I’ll cut you out like Richard Pryor

Flavor Flav, Wu-Tang Clan “Soul Power (Black Jungle)”

Line Cadillacs to blocks, Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx / Jukebox records, flatfooted cops

Eminem, D12 “Under the Influence”

Special invited guest will be, Richard Pryor / (Aren’t you a male dancer?) Nah bitch, I’m retired

Defari, Dilated Peoples “Olde English”

I’m on that Richard Pryor, Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali / Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Salvador Dali

Parliament “Chocolate City”

Ali is in the White House / Reverend Ike, Secretary of the Treasure / Richard Pryor, Minister of Education / Stevie Wonder, Secretary of FINE arts

James Ingram, Angie Stone “My People”

Moms Mabley, Reverend Blake Scott / Aretha Franklin, Reverend Jamal Bryant / Dorothy Dandridge, Richard Pryor

The Roots “Adrenaline!”

Save the jokes for Chris Tucker, Richard Pryor and them / Used to shotgun in cars, now I’m drivin’ ’em

Statik Selektah, Meyhem Lauren, Action Bronson “Central Bookings”

Shorty catching cases, couple priors open / Serve fiends same shit Richard Pryor smokin’


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