A Complete List of All The Queen Sugar Women Directors

A Complete List of All The Queen Sugar Women Directors

One of the best things about Ava DuVernay’s OWN series Queen Sugar is the amount of women directors she employs per season. And considering every episode is directed by a woman…exactly.

Can we just take a moment and clap it up for her.

DuVernay and the Queen Sugar women directors must be doing something right because the series (which is a personal favorite of mine) will return for a fourth season.

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And of course DuVernay will continue her trend of female directors and the women attached to the fourth season have been announced.

Months ahead of its June 12th release check out all the Queen Sugar women directors for the past three seasons and find out who will be joining and returning for the upcoming season.

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Ava DuVernay

She’s directed a few episodes of her series. Seasons 1, Ep. 1 (First Things First) and seasons 1, Ep. 2 (Evergreen).

Neema Barnette

Barnette directed season 1, Ep. 3 (Thy Will Be Done) and season 1, Ep. 7 (In No Certain Terms)

So Yong Kim

Yong Kim directed season 1, Ep. 4 (The Darker Sooner)

Victoria Mahoney

Mahoney directed season 1, Ep. 5 (By Any Chance)

Tanya Hamilton

Season 1, Ep. 6 (As Promised) was directed by Hamilton

Kat Candler

Episodes 8 (Where With All) and 9 (Next to Nothing) of season 1 were directed by Candler. In season 2, she directed ep. 1 (After the Winter), ep. 7 (I Know My Soul) and ep. 16 ( Dream Variations). For the third season she directed ep. 12 (The Horizon Leans Forward) and ep. 13 (From on the Pulse of Morning).

Salli Richardson-Whitfield

Richardson-Whitfield directed Ep. 10 (So Far) and Ep. 11 (All Good) of the first season.

Tina Mabry

Mabry directed the last two episodes of the season. Ep. 12 of season 1 entitled “Far Too Long” and ep. 13 of season 1 entitled “Give Us This Day”.

Cheryl Dunye

Dunye directed two episodes during season 2. She directed Ep. 2 (To Usward) and Ep. 11 (Fruit of the Flower) She’s also attached to direct episode(s) during season 4 and also attached as produced director.

Aurora Guerrero

Guerrero directed ep. 3 of season 2 (What do I Care For Morning)

Maryam Keshavarz

Ep 4 (My Soul’s High Song) of season 2 was directed by Keshavarz.

Amanda Marsalis

Ep. 5 (Caroling Dusk) and ep. 8 (Freedom’s Plow) of season 2 was directed by Marsalis.

DeMane Davis

Davis directed ep. 6 (Line of Our Elders) and ep. 15 (Copper Sun) of season 2. She also directed episode 1 (A Rock, A River, A Tree), 7 (Study War No more), and 8 (Come, Clad in Peace) of season 3.

Julie Dash

Dash directed ep. 9 (Yet Do I Marvel) and ep. 10 (Drums at Dusk) of season 2.

Garrett Bradley

Bradley directed ep. 12 of season 2 (Live in the All Along).

Liesl Tommy

Liesl Tommy directed the 13th episodes (Heritage) of season  2.

Christina Voros

Voros directed ep. 14 (On These I Stand) of season 2.

Patricia Cardoso

Ep. 2 (Of Their Sojourn Here) of season 3 was directed by Cardoso.

Lauren Wolkstein

Wolkstein directed ep. 3 (Your Distant Destiny) of season 3.

Maria Govan

Govan directed ep. 4 (No Haven in My Shadow) of season 3.

Shaz Bennett

Episode 5, “A Little Lower Than Angels”, of season 3 was directed by Bennett.

Christina Choe

Choe directed ep. 6 (Delicate and Strangely Made) of season 3.

Nijla Mumin

Episode 9, “The Tree and Stone Were One”, of season 3 was directed by Mumin.

Ayoka Chenzira

Chenzira directed “Here Beside the River”, which is ep. 10 of season 3.

Rachel Raimist

Ep. 11 (Your Passages Have Been Paid) of season 3 was directed by Raimist.

Carmen Marrón

Attached to direct episode(s) during season 4

Numa Perrier

Attached to direct episode(s) during season 4

Heidi Saman

Attached to direct episode(s) during season 4

Bola Ogun

Attached to direct episode(s) during season 4

Tchaiko Omawale

Attached to direct episode(s) during season 4



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