Po Johnson on Prop 8: ‘Ridiculous and Absurd’


The fate of the LGBT community’s ability to legally marry rests in the Supreme Court where Prop 8, a controversial ban in California that doesn’t recognize same-sex marriages, is (still) being decided. A ruling is expected this June.

In an interview with Celeb Edition, La La’s Full Court Life star and proud member of the LGBT community Po Johnson discusses her thoughts on human rights and marriage equality. “Everybody has their own opinion, but when those opinions become laws, I have a problem with it,” she says. “You’re governing somebody’s heart. Why can one human being tell another human being you cannot marry this person because you are the same sex? I think it’s ridiculous and absurd.”

The self-proclaimed urban punk artist hopes for days where separation between the rights of the “LGBT community and heterosexual community” aren’t blatantly different. “We can’t get men and women to stay together, so if woman and woman can stay together and man and man can stay together, by all means. I don’t believe that love should have any racial govern, sexual govern or anything like that.”

While Po patiently waits, she continues to lend her celebrity in support of marriage equality. “I hope it continues the uproar. I would absolutely love to do a ‘No H8′ campaign. If I could use my podium with the other celebrities, I would absolutely do it.”

“I love women, physically, sexually, emotionally [and] mentally,” Po says. “I think they’re amazing. And if I want to marry one, I want to be able to marry one. I don’t want anybody telling me I can’t.”


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