[New Video] Norris EJ Jackson ‘When He Made Me’

when he made me



Inspired by the Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream, Norris EJ Jackson continues to walk in purpose in efforts to inspire those with his power of song.

A christian artist who also had a dream has equally had his discouraging short comings, but has yet to lose his way, because over time he’s matured, and began to understand his purpose in life. He began to accept himself for who God created him to be, which led to him writing and producing his new single, “When He Made Me”.

A powerful and uplifting song, Jackson sings, “when he made me, I was created with a purpose, and to think, I am apart of his whole plan, yes indeed. God gave me everything that I need when he made me.”

And with the video he took his words to help others. The video features various scenarios in which the subjects are downtrodden as other try to define their worth, yet through his motif, he helps them realize their purpose, that they matter, and to always walk with faith.

The song and video speak a very powerful message. Press play to watch “When He Made Me.”

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