No ‘Real Housewives’ here! ‘Cutting It: In The ATL’ Premieres on WEtv


May 21st marked the premiere of the highly anticipated series premiere of Cutting It: In the ATL. The reality show chronicles 5 hairstylists (Or, “Boss Bitches of the Atlanta hair game”) in various realms of the hair world in the dirty south. #ThursOnFleek is the hashtag associated with WEtv’s Thursday night lineup featuring the hit show, Braxton Family Values and this sure fire win, Cutting It.

Beautii JSpoiled Opulence Salon, Mushiya (from Congo. Don’t forget.), The Damn Salon, Maja Sly, Walk In Weaves & Pretty Hair, Dedra, Jdoah Salon and LaKenya, stylist at JDoah round out this cast of savvy business women making things happen in the hair capital of the united states. When Maja Sly decides to get the ladies together to talk to them about a business opportunity, things don’t exactly go as planned. For starters Beautii and Dedra are not too keen on meeting with the Minister of Weaves and while she clearly states that this brunch is NOT a plus one, Beautii J & Mushiya still show up with guests. Things go awry when Dedra realizes she has been summoned for what she calls, a “marketing pitch and when her ADD kicks in, all hell breaks loose at the brunch table!

The forecast for the series premiere was definitely Fab with a 90% chance of SHADE. CelebEdition had our sunglasses on for the entire episode and we caught it all. The #ShadeCount for this episode: 8

  1. Maja Sly: “If you’re still behind a chair doing hair, you’re not competition to me.”
  2. Mushiya’s hiring process. “India, with the Beyonce weave.”
  3. The entire showdown between Maja &Beautii at the “Pretty Hair” store. It was shady before Beautii even walked through the door!
  4. Dedra: “Maja Sly, from what when where calls me. Really? I don’t know this heffa.”
  5. Beautii: “You know, the ‘round the way girl might be like, ‘I’m goin’ to get my weave done.’ But a classy woman will be like, ‘I have an appointment for extentions.’
  6. Maja’s beauty brunch. The.Entire.Thing. “That’s like me going to Wal-Mart and buying a Chanel.”
  7. LaKenya ignoring Beautii’s request for a hug.
  8. Dedra’s facial expressions throughout 90% of the episode.

Did we miss any?

Cutting It: In the ATL airs on WEtv every Thursday at 10/9c following Braxton Family Values. #ThursOnFleek

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