Nick Cannon to Play Richard Pryor in Biopic

Nick Cannon

We know you were wondering (as we were too) what was up with Nick Cannon at the BET Awards. He was rocking a mini fro with a pick in it during the ceremony. One might have thought it was a promotional tactic for his newly released movie School Dance and you would be wrong. Actually Cannon’s set his eyes on the Richard Pryor biopic.

“There’s been alot of people out there that have discussed playing this role…So I never want to jinx anything because if it’s not in production, its not real,” he told TMZ. “I’m doing the work right now, I’m doing everything I need to do to embody him when the opportunities right.”

He wants it so bad that he’s changing his life up to mimic the late comedian. He’s willing to go the extra mile (with a few precautions) so fans, family members, and production can see he’s the perfect actor for the part.

“I have been in the character, I’m doing everything I need to do, the hair, I’m growing everything out looking like I’m forty, the chain smoking—I’ve told Lee the only thing I won’t do is freebase.”

However’s he’s not leaving his striking resemblance and new bad habits up to chance. Doing everything also includes talking to the movie’s director, Lee Daniels.

“I’ve definitely sat with Lee, who’s a close friend—again its one of those things that if the movie isn’t in production yet, I don’t want to be one of those dudes like ‘yeah its happening.’ When it comes to something as sensitive as a legend like Richard Pryor—there’s so many things that go into weighing in on who should be this person, so I don’t want to be out there like ‘yeah I’m doing it’ and then you look up and its not the case.”

Too anxious to wait for an official press releases when TMZ’s Harvey Levin asked him to tip his hat if he wasn’t playing the famed comedian Nick—press play to find out what his response was.


Check out how his IG also gave his new role away.

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