[New Video] August Alsina Ft. Pusha T ‘FML’

August Alsina

The noose now makes sense.

A few weeks ago, August Alsina posted a life-like dummy of himself hanging on his Instagram with no explanation to why. Now his emotional video for “FML (Fuck My Life)” gives insight to his creative vision.

The New Orleans native becomes suicidal for a gruesome three-and-a-half minutes as he sings about hopelessness and despair. The Payne Lindsey and August-directed video opens up with Pusha T dropping a verse before he watches himself being carried out on a stretcher. That’s when we get introduced to the R&B crooner hanging inside a house as he sings about the pains of life.

The dark visual then takes us back in time to what led up to both men’s unfortunate outcomes. Alsina ends his twisted pictures with a hopeful message for those that see death as the only way out, “I’ve been where you are. Through the struggle and through the pain. It’s what makes us stronger than most. When there seems to be no way forward you have to make a way.”

And before the lights shut off for good, he gives the number to the national suicide prevention lifeline. You can watch him sing this live during his 20-city, ‘Testimony Live’ tour starting the end of this summer.

Press play to watch the graphic video and the flip the page for tour-dates.


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