We Need to Get Rid of Ratchet Reality TV Shows

Ratchet Reality TV Shows

Basketball Wives and Love & Hip Hop are the top-rated ratchet reality TV shows and I refuse to help promote these negative images and language any longer. The cast members feel that the more negative and demeaning they are, the more respect they will garner. They promote the idea that dignity, self respect, and their soul can be sold for a quick buck. As if black people don’t already get a negative rep, we have to now capitalize on these connotations that we’re uncivilized, money-hungry, violent whores. There’s a line of accountability and standards I’ve set for myself and my people, so I will not give them another household rating.

Unlike the Kardashians, you’re not going to build a fortune from your antics and shop around a sex tape as the road map to stardom. What many fail to realize is that Kris Jenner’s family had money before they took over E! and will still have it if the cameras ever shut off. But these other shows, where the women are fake independent but occupying these rented homes and automobiles, aren’t going to be toasting with the celebrities they think they’ve become equal to.

Who’s to blame? Much liability goes to the viewers and those contracted to have themselves taped. While I don’t blame the producers of these shows because you can only do what you’re allowed to do, I don’t respect their motives, especially Mona Scott Young and Shaunie O’Neal. These women are two black women who sleep in their million dollar homes and drive luxury cars at the expense of poor black and Latina images on TV. It’s understandable that someone who doesn’t have to deal with the Jezebel, Mandingo Negro, Sapphire, and Sambo stereotypes wouldn’t mind making money off of these perpetual images, but Young and O’Neal know better. Or at least they should.

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