#NationalThriftShopDay: 5 Tips to Better Thrift

#NationalThriftShopDay: 5 Tips to Better Thrift In this day and age, thrifting is the new “it” thing to do.

The stigma that once clouded the thought of thrifting has very much evaporated as more and more men and women are expanding their closets with second-hand merch. More people are finding appeal in wearing pre-owned items because it comes with the exclusivity factor as well as the incredibly cheap price tag.

However only those successful in their thrifting endeavors can really and genuinely boast about their finds. So in honor of National Thrift Shop Day, we teamed up with Girl Goodies Brand, a premier Chicago-based brand that is revolutionize the way women thrift. The founder, Iva Elliott, is bringing the luxury and sophistication of concierge-style shopping to the thrift experience. We spoke to her where she explained five tips to better thrift — check them out below.



As the saying goes, “location is everything.” That is true with thrifting. Make sure you are picking stores in good locations so that you can ensure quality finds. After you find the location make sure you are searching for the best days and times to shop at each spot to get the most out of your trip.


Specific Items

Getting the most out of your trip also means finding the piece or pieces that made the entire trip worth it. Don’t buy things just because they are there and are cheap. Elliott points out to “look for key items, transitional pieces and even some basics,” however avoid purchasing “miscellaneous junk with no intentions of using it.”



Try to make a list prior to your trip so that you have a sense of direction when you get into the store. Depending on where you go, it can be overwhelming but if you have a list with you, you can stay focused on your end game.



The more you are prepared the better you will succeed. No two thrift stores are alike which means make sure you are wearing clothes that make trying on your finds easy. Also make sure you have proper tools — mask, gloves, sanitizer — to help keep your trip as cleanly as possible.


One of the best qualities about thrifting is also the worst: inventory. Unlike a regular store, what you see is what you get. That means you must have more patience when thrifting in order to make the most out of the experience. There is enough to go around so if they don’t have your size in one thing, search for something similar.


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