National Tequila Day: Free or Cheap Tequila Guide

National Tequila Day

It’s National Tequila Day!

If you thought Cinco De Mayo was the only day to celebrate tequila you were wrong. National Tequila Day qualifies as your second day to in take the agave-based liquor. And July 24th (today) just happens to be that day.

It seems like this is just another made-up holiday floating around the web, and it is, but enough places are celebrating so who cares.

And in honor of the Patron and Cuervo branded drinks, many restaurants are giving free or uber cheap specials today. And those dieting, remember: tequila has the least amount of calories.

So feel free to make today a cheat day and indulge!

Flip the page to see all the spots in your city or nationwide that are giving drinks out for the low. 


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