National Left Handers Day: 36 Celebs That Are Leftys

Barack ObamaIf you asked a right-handed person what made school hard, the answers are endless, but if you ask the same question to a left-handed person, their left side would definitely get a shout out.

Growing up ambilevous seemed like a plague that no school supplier or district wanted to address. Nothing was geared to making the lives easier to those that failed the right hand test. You always had ink on the side of your palm when writing, a hard time using scissors, and lets not even start with the study that righties live longer.

However the dreadful idea that you’re the only person living with this under appreciated formability eases when you realize the rich and famous had it just as bad. Like our commander-in-chief, Barack Obama. (Suck it righties).

Today marks—we will keep saying this—another holiday we didn’t know existed nor why, “National Left Handers Day.” In efforts to raise awareness that left-handed people matter too, they created a day to shun all the righties that have it better.

As we celebrate the 22nd annual day of everything left, check out 25 stars that are raising their left palm in glee!

Barack Obama

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