National Forgiveness Day: 10 Celebs Who Should Forgive Eachother

Ti and Azealia Banks

Today (June 26) marks as National Forgiveness Day. A day we let bygones be bygones and we forgive those who either did us or those we love harm. In the entertainment business theirs always a beef brewing in the wings. Especially between celeb females!

Whether its a long time coming or a surprise shade show, there are quite a few celebs that could should amend their differences. Even Azaealia Banks caught wind of the holiday and ended her (mainly one sided) beef with TI over the weekend.

If the rapstress with the worst relationships between her peers can suck it up and apologize we’re hoping more feuding celebs take heed. As we contact out past indiscretions, take a look at the Vixens that are long overdue to give and receive an apology.

All Photos Credit: Getty (unless noted otherwise)


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