15 Movies That Are 20 Years Old This Year

how stella got her groove back 15 Movies That Are 20 Years Old This Year

The year is 1998. Where music was still really good and not all movies were remakes. Gas was under $1.50 and the iMac was the newest Apple product. It was the year Bill Clinton gave us his most memorable line of his presidency: “I did not have sexual relations with that girl” and movies….well all these movies came out that year. Check out the 15 movies that are 20 years old this year.

Feel old yet.

Beloved came out October 16, 1998

Belly was released November 4, 1998

The Players Club was released April 8, 1998

Woo was released May 8, 1998

Dr. Dolittle was released June 23, 1998

Mulan was released June 5, 1998

Blade was released August 21, 1998

Enemy of the State was released November 20, 1998

The Prince of Egypt was released December 16, 1998

How Stella Got Her Groove Back was released August 3, 1998

Half Baked was released January 16, 1998

Fallen was released January 16, 1998

He Got Game was released April 1, 1998

I Got The Hook Up was released May 27, 1998

Rush Hour was released September 18, 1998


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