50 K. Michelle ‘More Issues Than Vogue’ Lyrics That Make The Best IG Captions

more issues than vogueK. Michelle released her fourth studio album, ‘More Issues Than Vogue, yesterday (Mar 25).

In the 12-track project Michelle introduces fans to another side of her already complex persona. She unknowingly (or knowingly) gives listeners a soundtrack to the character you see on TV: an opinionated, confident, and honest woman. One who loves hard despite her many broken hearts and honest enough to share her journey.

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‘More Issues Than Vogue’ will most likely be your life’s anthem with lyrics that can double as captions underneath your social media photos.

With 12 tracks on her album, we found 50 lyrics that will make the perfect caption. Flip the page to check.


“Who the fuck told y’all hoes to open up?”

“Tell that bitch to move back”

“Fuck that nigga and fuck that bitch that he with ”

“I got my own money, ain’t nobody givin’ me shit / I’m the original, I’m the one that be cookin’ that shit”

“she keep saying that I’m stealing / Imma look at that bitch like who dat”

“I mean for real, I’mma here to win and shit”

“You only got six seconds, I’ll Vine a ho”

“don’t be sorry, be mindful”

“Got Em Like” 

“Got that booty sitting right”

“All these ni—as asking me what I’m bout to get into”

“Got ’em like damn”

“I know I’m looking right”

“I need stacks otherwise ni—a, you can step back”

“look at how fine I am / Got ’em like damn”


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