11 of Missy Elliott’s Music Videos We Love [VIDEO]

11 Favorite Missy Elliott's Music Videos [VIDEO]Happy Birthday Missy Elliott!

The song-writer, producer, rapper, dancer, visionary, you name it has made it big because she prides herself in being different and innovative. Not one to follow trends, Missy Misdemeanor Elliott has always been one to set the bar.

And her recent return to music is proof.

She returned like she never left with her futuristic music video for “WTF,” which gave nostalgia of when music videos used to be great. However “WTF” is just one many great music visuals Missy Elliott has in her vault. As we celebrate her birthday check 11 of Missy Elliott’s music videos we love.

“The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)”

What better way for Missy to introduce herself than with “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly).” With the over sized trash bag, the dancers drenched by rain drops all the celeb cameos, this Hype Williams-directed videos is one of our favs.

“Hot Boyz”

We don’t know what was hotter in the “Hot Boyz,” music video, the actual explosives, the dance routine, or Nasir Jones.

“Get Ur Freak On”

Missy didn’t spare any expense when it came to the theatrics in the “Get Ur Freak On” video. Neither did she do with cringe-worthy moments, i.e. the spit in mouth part. Before Nicki Minaj was getting in touch with her animistic side in “Anaconda,” Missy had already been there done that in her Dave Meyers-directed picture.

“One Minute Man”

Only Missy can make a diss song and video so entertaining that all the “One Minute” men can’t help but nod there heads to. The video set inside the Get Ur Freak On Hotel had every bit of an Elliott touch to it from the headless rapper to Luda in a bathtub.

“Take Away”

It’s our favorite simply because it was sentimental. Missy made sure the video was a representation of herself but also made sure it didn’t over shadow it’s tribute to Aaliyah.

“Work It”

Not only was “Work It” one of Missy’s most successful singles but it paid homage to the b-boys and girls as the dancers in her video put their thang down, flipped it and reversed it.

“Gossip Folks”

Her next video was set in the most appropriate place out of all her songs, in a high school. While we were wowed with the dance moves the video helped sell the gossip message.

“Lose Control”

“Lose Control” is a dance driven music video. We don’t know what part is our favorite, the dancers in blue, Missy’s sandstorm scene or Ciara’s “lindy hop” inspired scene where she switches from dancing with a partner to dancing on the wall.

“Sock It 2 Me”

Elliott wasn’t afraid to take her videos to the next galaxy like she did in the Sock It 2 Me, music video. Dressed in full combat apparel, Missy, Lil Kim and Da Brat fought off angry robots while in outer space.

“She’s A Bitch”

The live-action anime Tron remake, will go down as one of the most expensive music videos to date. It cost $2.8 million but money’s not a factor when you’re working on a great visual.


WTF or Where They From was a cute, energetic, and futuristic video. It was Missy’s grand return and she spared no expense to remind those who know and those who don’t why she’s one of the best to ever do it.



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