Missy Elliott’s Music Lands on iTunes Top 10

Missy Elliott's Music Lands on iTunes Top 10 + 10 Ppl That Didn't Know Who She Was

Missy Elliott hasn’t made her full comeback but her surprise performance during Katy Perry’s Super Bowl was the perfect reintroduction for the legend. Thanks to her scene-stealing performance, Missy Elliott’s music is sitting comfortable on iTunes top 10.

The 12-minute performance has since become the most-watched and highest-rated Super Bowl halftime show in history— yes she has beat Beyonce’s single woman performance. During the show that was viewed by nearly 120 million, Missy gave 2000s nostalgia when she performed a medley of her hits: “Get Ur Freak On,” “Work It,” and “Lose Control.”

Now all three songs performed are in the top 10 on iTunes with “Work It” being the best seller thus far. Missy, overwhelmed with the news, took to her Twitter to thank her fans.

missy elliott

The surge in sales on iTunes may have something to do with the many people that didn’t know who Missy Elliott was. While her true fans cheered in glee over her set, many millennials thought it was Katy Perry that was helping Missy out and not the other way around. Either way we’re glad the younger generation is educating themselves with great hits.

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