Miss Jackson Sues Floyd Mayweather—Claims He Put a Gun to Her Head


Miss Jackson

Floyd Mayweather may have finally put his foot in his mouth.

Floyd’s ex-fianceé Shantel Jackson (aka Miss Jackson) announced in a press conference today (Sept 5) that she’s coming for the boxer where it hurts, his pockets. Jackson hired famed attorney Gloria Allred and is suing her ex for invasion of privacy, assault, battery, defamation, and false imprisonment, among other charges.

The papers she filed accuse The Money Team general of physically abusing her by twisting her arm and choking her. She also claims he pulled a gun on her, pointed it at her foot and asked, “Which toe you want me to shoot?” And according to full details of the suit he threatened to shoot her while demanding her to remove her 17-carat engagement ring after they broke up. She’s also claiming he attacked her earlier this year at his Ritz-Carlton condo.

The two met in 2006 when Shantel was a hostess. They dated on-and-off for years before she officially dissolved their relationship. Floyd blasted her via social networks in retalitation of her rejection of him. She soon after moved on to rapper, Nelly and since then both her and Mo have become the object of Mayweather’s cyber taunting.

During the press conference, Shantel was overcome with emotions as she explained her reasoning for taking legal actions against her former lover.

“There was a point in my relationship with Floyd that I thought we would be together forever. I loved him so much and I made sure that I took care of him the best I knew how.
I tried my best to make our relationship work by compromising and going to relationship counseling, but I finally realized that there was no hope and our relationship could not continue.
I loved Floyd deeply but he continued to disappoint and intentionally hurt me. I have been embarrassed and humiliated more than I can ever imagine by Floyd whom I once called my best friend and fiancé.
I have tried everything that I could and I have given Floyd every opportunity to do the right thing. Unfortunately, he has refused every opportunity to make things right. It is with a heavy heart that I finally realized that the only way to set the record straight to achieve justice for what he has done to me is through the filing of this lawsuit.” 

Floyd has yet to respond to her allegations—which as we all know is a first.

Watch a portion of Shantel’s press conference below:


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