Five Reasons Why We Are Going To Miss Michelle Obama As First Lady

michelle obama

Who knew, that in an eight-year time span, we’d grow to love the Obama family so much? When you think about the upcoming election, the idea of the Obamas leaving is what most frightens people.

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However, when Obama got elected, we had no idea that he had the coolest wife ever by his side. In the past, the first lady usually followed in the shadow of her husband. You rarely ever saw the first lady out in the community, doing things on her own.

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We can’t say the same for Mrs. Michelle Obama and that’s why we love her even more. She’s beautiful, strong-willed, powerful–and let’s not forget, she’s the slay queen!

We hope the next first lady is as cool as Mrs. Obama–but we doubt it. Check out our ‘Five Reasons Why We Are Going To Miss Michelle Obama As First Lady’ below!


1. Cool Mom, Cool Wife, Cool Lady


Michelle Obama has to be the coolest of the cool. While she’s all about her business, the 52-year-old does not mind having a little fun from time to time. There’s nothing wrong with loosening up every once in a while. We’re quite sure she needs it. Her job is stressful!

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