Meagan Good Covers Rolling Out Magazine

Meagan Good for Rolling Out

In the midst of celebrating the opening of Think Like a Man Too, Meagan Good is toasting to her new Rolling Out cover.

Stunning in an orange gown and ombre curled bob, the actress poses flawless in her shots while keeping her opinions unfiltered. The starlet has history with critical peers so she could easily speak on the double standard for women in the industry.

“If Angelina Jolie goes topless, everyone goes ‘Wow, she’s so badass, so committed to her craft’. But if Halle Berry goes topless, everyone’s like ‘She’s a slut. She probably took a bunch of money to do that.’ People attack her with unsavory names. “

Unfortunately while her opinion may be valid, she has no solution because she reveals she can’t find the source of the one sided hate:

“There’s definitely a double standard but I can’t put my finger on exactly why that is. If someone is telling a story, they should go to whatever extent that they’re comfortable with to tell the story. Whatever they feel is necessary.”

Judgement isn’t the only thing the TLAM2 star got off her chest. She also talked marriage and abstinence in her editorial spread. “It’s very clear in the [Ten] Commandments that you shouldn’t have sex before marriage. And to me, you can’t change the perception of that,” she said in regards to jumping the broom before getting intimate with her husband. Which from her new confident swag and apparent glow Devon Franklin was worth the wait.

Marriage has taught me that it’s OK to let somebody take care of me. That it’s OK to depend on somebody—Marriage has made me better, assured me, made me happier; I’m way more at peace. I feel like I’m consistently growing into a better person and I feel like I can help him grow into a better person. He sees all the positive things in me that I felt like a lot of other people didn’t see — I always felt very judged. I always felt like people were coming for me. He was the first person, outside of my sister or mother, who said ‘I see you. I see who you really are.’

Check out more of her interview on Rolling Out.

Flip the page to see more images from her shoot. 

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