Mathew Knowles You ARE The Father to Another LoveChild

Mathew Knowles

Mathew Knowles you are the father!

Straight out of an episode of Maury, Beyonce’s dad is proven to be the father to another illegitimate child.

According to TMZ a DNA lab in Texas is 99.98% sure he’s the biological father to TaQoya Branscomb’s daughter.

Branscomb made headlines a few months ago when she sued Knowles after claiming he impregnated her in 2010. A Houston judge sided with the TaQoya and ordered him to take a paternity test.

Mathew Knowles Taqoya Branscomb

Now the pap site reports Mathew’s 30-year-old baby mother is going after him for child support. We just hope she’s not looking for a big pay day. Being that papa Knowles isn’t taking in the checks he once was in 2010 when he was actually knocking boots with the model-turned-real-estate-agent, she will probably receive a smaller contribution she might have been hoping for. And if she’s looking for family excursions with the Carters, it would be in her best interest not to hold her breath.

Want to see more pictures of his new baby mother? Flip the page.

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