Master P to Cast Biopic About His Life and No Limit Empire

Master P

Biopics are constantly being created these days and Master P caught the wave.

Percy Miller (Master P) is beginning to cast his own trilogy about his life and No Limit Empire. Focusing on telling his own rags to riches story, CP3 Filmworks is currently looking for an actor to play a young Percy. Inspired by the ‘Godfather’s’ series the rapper has divided his story into three parts starting with, ‘The Ice Cream Man.’ Titled after his certified platinum 1996 album that help rose him to stardom with, “Bout it, Bout it.”

The second to be in production is ‘TRU’ and it will tell the story of his family success. This film will be based on when the Miller brothers—Silk Da Shocker, Master P, and C-Murder—formed one of the most known southern groups in hip hop.

‘No Limit Empire’ will conclude his Godfather-inspired trilogy. This will tell the story of Master P and his artists when they controlled a large share of the music industry and how No Limit Records became the most successful record company in the industry.

Percy Miller, Pardé Bridget and Wayne Conley—wrote this three-part urban biography. ‘The Ice Cream Man’ is slated for a 2015 production, ‘TRU’ the year after, and ‘No Limit the Empire,’ in 2017.


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