Martin Shkreli Offers Kanye West $10M For His ‘The Life of Pablo’ Album

martin shkreli

Martin Shkreli wants to do to Yeezy fans what he did to Wu-Tang fans.

Shkreli, a pharmaceutical executive, sent Kanye West a letter, offering to buy his next album ‘The Life of Pablo’ to delay a public release of the album.

“aiyo last minute can i buy your album out so it dont get released publicly,” he tweeted before also tweeting his offer letter.

In the letter the 32-year-old offered to pay the music mogul $10 million dollars to be the sole-owner of TLOP album for a while before anyone else is.

This isn’t the first time the hedge fund manager did this. Last year he bought the single copy of Wu-Tang clans’ ‘Once Upon a Time in Shaolin’ for $2 million.

Whether he gets his way or not, Martin tweeted that there will be a delay in the album release due to his offer letter.

“Kanye and his label are legally required to take my offer letter to their Board of Directors. This should delay the album by a few days.”



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