It Takes a Village: Man Broke Up a Teen Fight to Drop Words of Wisdom

It Takes a Village: Man Broke Up a Teen Fight to Drop Words of Wisdom

In a world where social media views is more important than personal values, a now viral video is making its rounds for turning a negative situation into a positive one.

On Monday, an Atlantic City man broke up a teen fight to drop words of wisdom on the two teens who were fighting. The man walked up to a street fight that included about 10 teen bystanders with their phones out. They were egging the fight on when the man stopped the altercation and taught everyone involved a lesson.

“Everybody with your phones out, all y’all, y’all the real cowards. Record that, too,” the man said. He told the feuding teens their beef stemmed from “ill-advised” information while telling everyone to grow up.

“Look around. Who ill advised you? You’re almost men, 14, 15, 16. Start acting like it. I know where you from. Your parents worked hard to get where they’re at.  — Y’all almost men. Y’all ain’t kids no more. Y’all girls ain’t little girls no more … Start acting like it, yo. We ain’t gon’ get nowhere like this, yo. Y’all gon’ wind up like the n***as y’all don’t wanna be like, yo.”

It ended by the bystander making the teens shake hands and end their beef. Since it was posted on Facebook it has been shared thousands of times and even caught the attention of Lebron James.

Watch the life lesson below.


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