Lil Kim’s ‘Identity Theft’ + 10 Best Diss Songs

Identity Theft

Lil Kim’s back for round two.

A treaty between Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim doesn’t seem to be coming any time in the near decade.

After hijacking Beyonce and Nicki Minaj‘s “Flawless Remix,” she’s back for more rounds of shots with, “Identity Theft.” If her verse on Bey’s confident anthem weren’t venom enough get a load of her near three minute attack.

“It’s looking like I’m headed back behind bars again ’cause bitches want to start again and I ain’t wit’ the arguing / I’m jet chartering, fresh cardigan, gettin’ my Martha in, while these broke hos borrowing,”

The cover art of the track features a New Jersey license plate with all of Lil Kim’s information but a picture of the Barb.

The ultimate shade, Kim.

Nicki has yet to respond to either release and something tells us reigniting an old beef isn’t in her cards. Press play to hear Kim’s “Identity Theft.”

The Queen Bee’s not the only musician who dissed their enemy on wax, she’s just the latest. Music beefs have made opponents write some of their best hits of their career. Taking their lyrical assassination to the booth, check out 10 of the best diss records ever made.


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