LaLa Anthony Talks The Power of Having Your Own and Dating Rich


During the 10th Anniversary of the Circle of Sisters Expo in New York City, LaLa Anthony brought her expertise on the topic of marriage, woman empowerment, and dating rich.

LaLa is far from the basketball wife you see on TV—despite seeing her on TV—lounging around, spending her man’s money, and getting into water fights. She’s an actress, author, mother, wife, and entrepreneur always looking for her next move that keeps her with her own identity outside her husband. Being said, she touched on the importance of women having their own and why an independent women can only strength a relationship (“it just makes you that much more valuable”) not hinder it.

I’m not being negative but it’s something to be said that, [your man] knows that if something goes down, you would be okay if you had to walk away. And that’s powerful. That is powerful. So it’s just something to think about. I say, come into a relationship with your own—something that you’re passionate about so that your whole world doesn’t revolve around a man. That’s not a good thing.

I respect my husband and I want to be a great wife and be there for him, but I also want to have my own career and do my own thing. Which I think is really cool. I think when you bring something to the table, and I say this to all the ladies out here, it just makes you that much more attractive to that man that you’re with. It just makes you that much more valuable.

She then went on to talk about marrying rich—something many women aspire to (unfortunately and fortunately). While she says she never wanted to date a basketball player (“I was the girl who said I would never date a basketball player”) it was something that just happened and now that it has she embraces it. Her advice to other women that wanted to date rich however was:

I was the girl who said I would never date a basketball player. I’m like, ‘I don’t want to do that.’ Someone that is traveling all the time and gone, [but] it just happened. And it’s just funny like, when you don’t go after certain things, how they happen. And in ‘The Love Playbook,’ I talk about work[ing] on yourself. Why are we chasing these guys and giving them so much power? When you’re great within yourself, you’re going to attract so much amazing energy and I don’t need a man to make me feel like I’m worthy or I’m worth it. I don’t need that.

Lala Anthony left her near thirty minute speech on a high note about self-identity.

For the women out there, especially the young women, it’s so passionate for me to say, ‘Find your own way.’ I’m just finding that so many women feel they have to be validated by a man or a guy and they go through so much destruction because of that. Let’s focus on being happy with ourselves and knowing that we are enough and we don’t need a man to validate us.

Press play to listen to her speech in full.


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