L.A. Burning: 25 Years Later Documentary to Air For 25th Anniversary Since The Rodney King Case Acquittal

rodney-king L.A. Burning: 25 Years Later documentaryJohn Singleton’s L.A. Burning: 25 Years Later documentary about the infamous Los Angeles riots will air on A&E Network next month.

The two-hour documentary is about the aftermath of the officers being acquitted of beating Rodney King in 1991.

The cops kicked and beat King, an African American motorist, with a baton for at least nine-minutes. A local resident caught the entire attack on camera and later forwarded his footage KTLA-TV Los Angeles.

Once KTLA aired the footage outrage and protest took over the west coast. On April 29, 1992 the outrage escalated when the four officers were acquitted of all charges. Riots took over LA for five days leaving at least 55 dead, over 2,000 injured, and over $1 billion in property damage.

The film is told from the perspective of those who were in LA during the weeklong protest. Among those featured in the docu are actor-activist Edward James Olmos, police officers, rioters, bystanders caught in the crossfire and reporters who covered the upheaval.

L.A. Burning: 25 Years Later documentary executive producer John Singleton was fresh out of USC film school when the acquittal took place.

“I believe the 1992 L.A. uprising has never truly been given a voice until now,” Singleton said.

“We’ve attempted to chronicle the untold stories and unique perspectives of people whose lives were profoundly affected by this event. As a native Los Angeleno I know the actions of that three-day event didn’t just appear out of thin air. The city was a powder keg boiling at the seams for many years under police brutality and economic hardship of people of color.”

L.A. Burning: 25 Years Later documentary will debut April 18 on A&E.


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