Kendrick Lamar Hints His New Album is Dropping April 7th + Debuts New Track The Heart Part 4

Kendrick-Lamar-hints-his-album-is-dropping-AprilKendrick Lamar is very secretive but we’ve cracked his code…we think.

The compton native gave fans two things to get excited about. One, Lamar hints his album is dropping April 7th and two, he debuts his new track, “The Heart Part 4.”

After a cryptic Instagram post of “IV” earlier today, the Compton native released, “The Heart Part 4.” Arriving almost 5 years since part 3, is the fourth installment in his series “The Heart.”

In the song the cornrowed wordsmith takes direct shots at Donald Trump and indirect shots at an unnamed nemesis.

“My fans can’t wait for me to son your punk ass and crush your whole little shit.” — “I’ll Big Pun your punk ass, you a scared little bitch / Tiptoein’ around my name, you’re lame / When I get at you, homie / Don’t you tell me you was just playin’.”

Also in the explosive five-minute, varied beat track, Lamar hints his new album is dropping April 7.

“You know what time it is / Ante up, this is here forever / Ya’ll got till April the 7th to get ya’ll shit together.”

Fingers crossed. Until then click here to listen to his new track.


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