Kendall Jenner Poses For Givenchy

Kendall Jenner Givenchy

Kendall Jenner’s inching towards most popular in the Kardashian clan.

Kendall Jenner is kicking off her lucrative modeling career with her first ever advertising campign and she does it the only way a Kardashian would, with Givenchy.

She’s featured in two ads for their new brand season. One features a sitting Jenner, almost unrecognizable, sharing the photo with three other models all stunning inprinted knee length dresses. The other photo has the 18-year-old layed delicately on model Peter Brant II’s lap while four other models parade around them.

This comes on the heels of her already growing career. She posed for topless Interview magazine, fashion spread for Bazaar, and guest appeared for MTV awards and MMM awards. With a status like hers and natural chops for the runway, it’s only a matter of time (and sooner than you think) until Kim K’s mini becomes Tom Ford’s arm candy at the MET Gala.

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