Kanye West Features Amber Rose in “Robocop” Music Video

Kanye West features Amber Rose

Did you know Kanye West Features Amber Rose in a music video?

Nothing recent, but a project that was shot and scrapped before seeing the light of day.

Before Kim Kardashian was her hubby’s love interest in “Bound 2,” Amber was his on-screen muse for “Robocop.”

In 2010, Ye announced he was working on the visual for the 808s & Heartbreaks’ featured-track and his bald bombshell was casts as the lead. However according to “a former publicist” of Amber’s it was scrapped. According to the publicist, Yeezus canned the release once he found out his then-girlfriend was unfaithful.

“The ‘Robocop’ video never got released because of Amber’s infidelity. It was put on hold and never released after Kanye caught Amber cheating. Kanye to this day thanked me for my honesty.”

Amber Rose has since denied cheating on the producer but West never went through with putting out the picture. Four years, three weddings, and two babies later, the video surfaces. In a leaked clip it features an animation of both stars. Ye donning a tuxedo and Rose in her birthday suit as a bodacious robotic doll—nothing like the Barbies we grew up with.

In ’10 he explained during an on-set interview the inspiration behind his vision,

“I think that’s the holy grail, if you can make your video look as good as a video game, and not becomputer generated, and just have that type of intensity coming off the screen.”

The irony of this all is, “Robocop” was actually written for his ex Alexis Phifer.

Check out the 24-seconds video leak

Flip the page to see his behind-the-scene interview.


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