‘Cosby Show’ Actor Joseph C. Phillips Says: ‘Of Course Bill Cosby is Guilty!’

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Actor and black republican Joseph C. Phillips, who once played Bill Cosby’s son-in-law on The Cosby Show, has addressed the countless rape allegations against Cosby.

In a very-lengthy blog post on his website titled “Of Course Bill Cosby is Guilty!,” Joseph explains why he knows the 78-year-old comedian is guilty.

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Starting off, Phillips talks about looking up to Cosby as a young boy (“While growing up, I watched everything Bill Cosby did—[he] was more than a comedian. Bill was my idea of a great man – a great Black man!”) to working with him on the show. “Few get an opportunity to meet their idol, much less work with them. I was blessed in that regard, and even more blessed that I found my idol as clever, kind, and brilliant as I had imagined.”

He then digresses into why the accusations of rape are true, writing about his time on The Cosby Show set to support his claims that Bill was a ladies man.

“When I joined the cast of the Cosby Show in 1989, it seemed to be common knowledge that Bill played around. When I say common knowledge, I mean that it was just something that people seemed to know without anyone saying anything. Bill sleeping around was a “fact” that, like, the air, seemed to just be. You didn’t have to see it or hear it to know that it existed.

As well as a personal conversation with one of the women who was an alleged victim.

“Through tears, she told me her story. She cursed him for violating both her trust and her body. She cursed herself for not being smarter, and for degrading herself in pursuit of success.”

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