Iggy Azalea Blasts Her Ex on Twitter


What’s not fancy is Iggy Azalea’s battle with her ex.

After denying rumors that she was married to ex, Maurice Williams, aka Hefe Wine, she took it a step further to give her 2.83 million followers a play-by-play of what was going on.

In nine, 140 words or less tweets she admits to having settled deals with him (“Ive settled 2 old contracts privately. Both got a very fair sums & went on about their lives. Real cases are handled in court, not the press”) but claims the divorce is a sham, him and his friends are making up to extort money from her (“Unfortunately to file common law “divorce” all you need is three of your friends to sign a statement swearing the persons story is true”).



Taken it one step further, a spokeperson from her team told E! News:

“It’s disappointing that this thief, felon and fugitive is continuing to use the media to attack Iggy as part of his desperate and despicable attempt to keep himself in the press—Iggy’s federal court complaint froze Mr. Williams’ ability to trade on her fame by profiting from music he stole from her, so he has resorted to elevating his predatory relationship with a 17 year old girl into a sham  ‘marriage’ claim unsupported by any certificate or evidence.”

I guess all isn’t fair between love and war.

Photo Credit: Instagram


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