Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks Argue via Twitter

iggy azalea and azealia banks

The claws are out once again between Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks.

Yesterday Azealia—in true form—blasted the Australian rapper on on Hot 97 with Ebro, Rosenberg, and Laura Stylez.

 “That Iggy Azalea shit is not better than any fu**in’ black girl that’s rapping today—The Grammys are supposed to be awards for artistic excellence… Iggy Azalea’s not excellent.”

She continued to go in depth in her known hatred for the Aussie rapper before getting emotional about the music culture and media. Usually quiet to the hate (or truth, if you want to be honest) Banks spews her way, T.I.’s femcee decided she wasn’t biting her tongue this time. In a series of tweets, Iggy attributed Azealia’s piss poor attitude to her level of success (“Special msg for banks: There are many black artists succeeding in all genres. The reason you haven’t is because of your piss poor attitude”) and called her a bigot. “…You created your own unfortunate situation by being a bigot and don’t have the mental capacity to realize yet. Probably never will.”

Not one to stray from fighting words, the “212” rapper quickly clapped back at her competitor stating her interview wasn’t really about her, (“Itchy Areola, you are so stupid and selfish to make any of this about yourself in particular,”) but the main stream media snatching black’s talents. “My tears had absolutely nothing to with you and everything to do with society and the media in general.”

Press play to watch the interview that restarted it all and then flip the page to check out their tweets in full.



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