ICYMI: Funniest #AskThicke Tweets


One thing Robin never wants you to do is #AskThicke.

If you were as busy as we were yesterday you might have missed the publicity blunder of #AskThicke. Robin Thicke teamed up with VH1 on his promotion trail for Paula to partake in the popular game #Ask (insert celeb name). Of course Twitter went ham and he became the butt of many rapist questions (“When are you going to go back to the old Robin Thicke who wasn’t a sleazebag and made non-rape-ey songs”) and infidelity queries—”how often should I delete my internet search history? You strike me as the right person to ask.” The new consensus—as if it’s really new—is everyone is #TeamPaula and no one’s really hear for his public musical apology. Remaining a good sport, through it all however, the father answered the few appropriate questions in between the Twitter shade show. ICYMI it he’s the funniest #AskThicke tweets from his social media Q&A. Photo Credit: Twitter

Jibari Daniels

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