Hollywood and Sexual Assault: 8 Documentaries That Need to Be Made

charlie-sheen-hiv-today Hollywood and Sexual Assault: 8 Documentaries That Need to Be MadeHollywood and Sexual Assault: 8 Documentaries That Need to Be Made

There was a Michael Jackson and a R. Kelly documentary, who is next…

Two documentaries have made major headlines as they have helped (or at least tried to) bring down the legacy of Michael Jackson and R. Kelly. But what about the other 200+ Hollywood heads that have the same accusations or worse.

Here’s a list of eight documentaries that need to be made about the Hollywood elite and the sexual assault culture within the industry.

Stephen Collins

The good paster, Eric Camden on 7th Heaven is a child predator in real life. In real life a tape was leaked in which a voice sounding like Collins admitted to sexual abuse of a minor. Then during an interview Collins admitted he committed “inappropriate sexual conduct with three female minors” in 1973, 1982, and 1994. He’s story came out during Bill Cosby’s firestorm, seemed to be swept under the radar and his series was canceled from syndication. I say we bring it back to the forefront and discuss it further in a documentary.

Harvey Weinstein

There apparently is a documentary about him that premiered at Sundance entitled, ‘The Untouchable’; however either it’s not good or it’s going to be the next big thing, but I’m all here for another documentary focusing solely on his allegations. Once his trial is over with, there probably will be another one that gets more publicity in the works. And honestly I’m here for multiple documentaries on him.

Charlie Sheen

He had sex with dozens of women without disclosing his HIV status…enough said!

Kevin Spacey

A deep look into Spacey’s career and his sexual misconduct would be a great story for the LGBQT community as well as how men are sexually assaulted as well.

Vincent Cirrincione

He managed the careers of many women yet unbeknownst to him he was also sexually assaulted other actress. This would be an interesting documentary to say the least.


Woody Allen

There has been documentaries about him, but nothing as explosive as the R. Kelly or Michael Jackson one, so he’s on this list as well.

Roman Polanski

This director was charged with statutory rape, sodomy, and child molestation from his sexual relationship with a 13 year old. And instead of going to jail, Polanski fled the United States. Yup a documentary on him and why the US didn’t do more to bring him back to the states is needed.

Documentary on Men in the Media

There are over 200 men in Hollywood that have been accused of sexual assault. Many on the list were accused multiple times by multiple women. There needs to be a lengthy documentary on Hollywood and its rape culture. Surprisingly as much as rap gets slack for the over sexualized music , the real predators seem to be the men in suits, sitting behind a desk, advancing careers..


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