10 Actresses Who Should Be on The Highest Paid Actresses in Hollywood List

Angela Bassett 10 Actresses Who Should Be on The Highest Paid Actresses in Hollywood List

It’s a bit of a surprise that many black actresses weren’t featured on Forbes Highest Paid Actress in Hollywood list. Because we know way more than 10 actresses who should be featured in the highest paid actresses in Hollywood list.

After all the strides black people have made in Hollywood as a whole this past year, we assumed at least one woman would’ve made over $10 million. Which would’ve qualified her to be included on the top 10. George Clooney topped the counterpart list due to  selling his share in his once owned tequila brand, so it’s weird that least one black woman with all her side brands and deals, didn’t made the list.

But once again this list is a sad reminder that black women may have the talent but they will never get paid nearly as much as their talent is worth. However, that doesn’t stop us from creating our own list of actresses who should be on the highest paid actresses in Hollywood list.

Halle Berry

While Halle Berry is attaching herself to a box office success, as one of the lead stars, she’s also dabbling in other ventures like her lingerie line. So it does come as a surprise that she didn’t make over $10 million this past year.

Taraji P. Henson

So being the lead on one of FOX’s biggest drama series as well as starring in countless movies doesn’t add up to a $10 Million earning power? Something is wrong. You would think after the massive success of Hidden Figures, she would get paid that just to have her name attached in any capacity to any project.

Viola Davis

Umm how can a woman of her caliber not be making at least $10 Million annually? Not only is she the lead in one of the top TV shows on primetime TV but she always has a movie in rotation.

Tessa Thompson

With multiple Marvel flicks under her belt, the Creed Franchise, and various other films, Tessa Thompson’s name has been attached to some of the best and most successful films out, I’m a bit surprised she’s not made enough to land on any list.

Angela Bassett

A few things about Bassett’s career that are shocking which are her lack of shelved awards and pay. So I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised that the actress hasn’t made it to the top 10 of highest paid actresses, but I still am.

Queen Latifah

Latifah may not be on every screen but her brand is. Her Flavor Unit production company helps put many movies and TV shows on screens yearly and even outside of her entertainment lifestyle she has her hand in the beauty scene as well. Who made this list, honestly.

Issa Rae

So I know what you’re thinking, there’s probably a reason she’s not on this list and you’d be wrong. She’s the creator of her own hit series, stars in it as well. She has projects after projects, beauty endorsements, YouTube royalties, and other brands as well. So yes, I’m a bit surprised she’s not surpassed the $10 Million mark.

Kerry Washington

Yes, Scandal has ended, but Washington’s worth has not. It should’ve tripled. She was the star of a hit series that ended on the creator’s terms. And following the end of Scandal, Kerry has stayed busy. She’s attached her self to multiple projects in Hollywood through her new production company. As well as branding deals with brands like Neutrogena, her net worth this past year should be well over $10 Million.


Oprah Winfrey

This list isn’t believable if Oprah Winfrey is not included. Not only is she one of the richest women in America but she’s also one of the busiest. Winfrey has her own magazine, TV network. Winfrey also starred in multiple films and  TV shows, so it has to be an oversight as to why she wasn’t included.


With Rihanna having a few films under her belt, she should be mentioned on this list. With monies from acting, music, Fenty Beauty, Fenty x Puma, and her new lingerie, Rihanna must’ve surpassed $10 Million. Or maybe Forbes doesn’t see her as an established actress yet. That has to be it, despite her starring in ‘Ocean’s 8.’


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