Funniest Twitter Reactions to Justin Blackmon’s Weed Arrest


Justin Blackmon is growing a longer rap sheet this his NFL career.

The Jaguar’s wide receiver was arrested in Oklahoma on Wednesday for having two blunts in the car.

According to a police report obtained by TMZ Sports, the Edmond Police Department stopped Blackmon after they watched him crossed into oncoming traffic to get around stopped cars.

Upon questioning him, they the arresting officer got a potent smell of weed in the car and immediately asked Blackmon to get out of the car. Once removed from his vehicle, he was promptly handcuffed while the police searched the vehicle. 

The police report notes the “extremely honest and cooperative” 24-year-old troubled star admitted to having 2 blunts in the car—one smoked and one fresh. The coups found both of them, one was stashed in a Swisher Sweets box. He was charged with possession of weed and “improper passing on the left,” after his arrest. 

This isn’t the first time Justin’s been in trouble with the law. He’s already racked two DUI’s (in 2012 and 2010) and was on suspension from the NFL for violating the league’s substance abuse policy at the time of his most recent arrest.

Well Twitter isn’t too happy about the pro athlete’s disregard for their fantasy pickings and his great career. Second popular trend under Nicki Minaj’s cover art for #Anaconda lives Justin Blackmon. Sports fans took to the twittersphere to voice their opinion and they held no mercy. Flip the page to see the funniest reactions to Justin’s weed arrest and potential excommunication for the football field. 


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