Funniest Twitter Reactions to Joseline Hernandez’s Rant

Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J

I guess Happy Fourth of July from LHHATL?

The current season of Love and Hip Hop ATL isn’t over and Joseline Hernandez is already writing the script for next season.

ICYMI: Stevie J found out Joseline Hernandez was cheating on him, went on an emo rant and is now divorcing her.

Simple right? Wrong.

In true reality star fashion, that was only the beginning of the drama because neither party is gracefully bowing out. Instead of enjoying their Fourth of July, they decided to settle their differences the only way they know how, on Twitter.

With his pride hurt, the producer kept his rant to a minimum of a few tweets about how he turned a stripper into a housewife.

Took her from the strip club & off her back & she sleeps on me with over 30 dudes even gay men. .”

However hers weren’t as simple and definitely weren’t as short. Heedless with everything, she put herself and her husband on blast. She posted pictures of her performing sexual acts in the strip club and name dropped who she had sex with:

Fuckin fagot that why I slept with the driver”

“Bitch nigga n I flew to canada and fuc drake”

“N I fuc sum a yo niggas fuc boi”

She even posted her own number while exposing Kevin Durant in her sexual adventures.

We don’t know if she got hacked or the former stripper is that reckless. However from her on-screen actions, we wouldn’t put this past her and Twitter is eating up every moment of this.

Better than any episode Mona Scott Young could’ve orchestrated, the Twittersphere stayed glued to the stars accounts. Whether it was hacked or not, they found humor in her exposure. Check out her tweets and then the hilarious reaction.


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