Funniest Tweet Reviews About The Kim Kardashian Game

Kim K

We’re starting to believe everything Kim Kardashian touches turns to gold. Dispelling to notion that jack of all trades can’t be masters of all, she’s soon-to-be crowned the video game maven.

Kim K launched her video game, ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’ by Glu Games Inc., in June, and it has already amassed over $200 million.

“This project has been an amazing experience. I’m so excited that people are enjoying the game!” Kanye West’s wife told E! News. “I partnered last year with a fantastic company called Glu Mobile to created was is now the No. 3 Free and No. 5 Grossing game on the Apple App Store.”

One quick glance on its hahtag #KimKardashianGame, the numbers are well-deserved. Tweeters are cringing to admit spending time dressing, taking photos, and assisting Kim has become the highlight of their week. Women can no longer bash men who play games and men have become secret stans over the most famous Kardashian. We’ve yet to try it out, but after finally recovering from Angry Birds and Candy Crush addictions, we aren’t sure adding a new gaming app to our life is the move.

Either way, we’ll live vicariously through these funny reviews about the Kim Kardashian Game. Flip the page to check them out. 


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