Frozen is the New Black? Elsa Meets Piper Chapman

Frozen is the New Black

‘Orange is the New Black’ gets a royal makeover.

If you’ve ever wondered what Piper Chapman’s felony adventures in ‘Orange is the New Black’ would be life if she were a cartoon, you can with ‘Frozen is the New Black.’

After an obvious binge of OITNB’s season two and ‘Frozen’ stanning, YouTube user Leigh Lahav mashed Elsa and Piper Chapman together for a hilarious day-in-the-prison-life. Freezing her kingdom lands an icy Chapman at Litchfield Penitentiary. But she’s not alone. Many disney princesses also star as our khaki-clad favorites.

“Brave’s” Merida becomes Red, Tiana, and Belle, Mulan (she’s gay), Ariel, and Snow White as delusional Morello, among others also appear in this prison. Notable non-royal characters like Gaston—as Porstache—and Cruella de Vil become another prison personnal, while John Travolta’s unforgettable lip slip “Adele Dazeem” returns.

And if you’re tired of hiring the Oscar-winning song, you’ll be glad to know Gas-stache shut that musical party down.

Press play to watch the ‘Frozen is the New Black.’

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